Inspiration vs Reality – Wk6

Welcome to week 6 of Inspiration vs Reality (IvsR Wk6) where I’m taking a makeup look created by one of the artists that I follow on Instagram and doing my best to replicate it on my 57 yr old face. I don’t buy any additional products; I just use what I have in my makeup arsenal already.

This week I’m questioning my sanity. I’ve chosen an inspiration look by a woman with THE most perfect skin I’ve ever seen. It is flawless and with a canvas like that, I can’t imagine her looking anything less than gorgeous. My canvas is a little more… ummm… textured… Like, a LOT. And it is certainly showing not only the freckles that I’ve happily sported my entire life but also some discolouration caused by my own misspent youth slathering on baby oil prior to hours of sunbathing.

FYI… Don’t do that!

The artist of the day is Kim (aka The Makeup Archives) and she is, delightfully, from Ontario like me. With her auburn hair, I imagine her to be of Irish descent but I’m pretty sure I’m projecting there… it’s my overexuberant Irish spirit talking. Having said all of that, this look is an amazing one and with this being St. Patrick’s Day, seemed like the right, ivy-inspired jumping off point.

This is a bold look (for me at least) and looking at the list of products Kim used, I had absolutely NONE of them so this is as close a replication that I could come up with given my product selection and my amateur status.

IvsR Wk6 Takeaways

This was a challenging look to try to achieve for two reasons. I’m just not used trying to achieve a heavier winged look like this and again, this face is 57 years old so that presents its own set of challenges. Kim’s look is very matte which again, given the products I have was a bit of a challenge. I could have powdered a lot more (I kept it in the T-zone and on my eye lids) but that would just have highlighted more texture on my skin so I decided against that.

A lot of the products I used on this look are a few seasons old so I’m sorry but no product links on those ones. The good news is, there’s ALWAYS a great selection to be found to replicate if you’re on the hunt for something new. The MAC Pro Eye Palette in The Bad Girl would achieve almost the entire eye look with one palette; looks YUMMY!           

This is a strong look that is definitely more than I would wear for every day but I would happily take it out on date night… when we can actually go out again. I’d probably pair it with a purple or lavender outfit though, just to make the green pop just that much more.

I have to say, though… this was a REALLY fun one to play with!

Let me know what you think. Always happy to dish!

IvsR Wk6 Products Used


Nude Drama Eye Palette (BB) – Halo & Ivory

Yves Saint-Laurent Couture Palette

MAC Eye Shadow – Sage & Wisdom

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (BB) – Ivy Shimmer Ink

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Microfilling Pen – Deep Brown

Smokey Eye Mascara (BB)


Long-Wear Weightless Foundation (BB) – Warm Sand

Corrector (BB) – Bisque

Intensive Skin Serum Concealer (BB) – Sand

Sheer Finish Pressed Powder (BB) – Soft Sand

Pot Rouge (BB)– Pale Pink

Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips – Ever Lasting Kiss

Lip Gloss (BB) – Buff

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