Lip Appreciation Day

Today is Lip Appreciation Day… because there is a day on the calendar that celebrates every single thing. And while we are still in lockdown, any reason to celebrate is a good one.

This is almost as good as International Kissing Day but I’d rank that one first. In fact, it’s not even close but let’s give our lips the attention they deserve!

Because of lockdown and what else am I going to do, here are a few fun facts about our lips:

  1. Your lips are unique
  2. Blood makes your lips look red (or blue)
  3. Your lips get thinner as you age (unfortunately)
  4. The proturberance in the middle of your upper lip has a name
  5. Your mouth is one of your body’s most sensitive organs
  6. Your lips don’t sweat and don’t secrete protective oil

On this special day, I hope your lips are loved. Loved by YOU first and by others as well. I hope your lips speak your truth and are heard. I hope they find your partner’s lips and warm each other in love. And If you don’t have a partner, I hope your lips give your reflection the warmest, most loving smile of your day.

Because you deserve that.

If you have a chance, use those beautiful lips of yours to send a smile to someone else too. A neighbour, a stranger, a friend. It matters not. What does matter is that we all have some more smiles passing amongst us.

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