Inspiration vs Reality – Wk 1

Welcome to the inaugural (and perhaps final) episode in my new series Inspiration vs Reality. This is where I’ll take a makeup look created by one of the artists that I follow on Instagram and do my best to replicate it on my 57 yr old face using the products that I have already in my makeup arsenal. I’ll take this opportunity to let you know that I am NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, a professional makeup artist. All I can do is boast 40+yrs playing with this stuff and loving every minute of it.

At best I’m hoping we learn something from each other. More than likely we’ll trip across some “inspiration done by a professional; don’t EVER try this at home” moments. And definitely laugh at the goofiness of it all. I hope you’ll join along in the fun and let me know if there are any looks out there that you’ve tried and love.

Inspiration vs Reality
Side by side

Where to begin

This week I’m starting with one of my absolute FAVOURITE Instagram makeup artists @micheleshakeshaft_artistry. Michele is one of the pros at Bobbi Brown. I’ve mentioned how much I love BB makeup and so you’ll see me using it a lot. I’m sure I’ll also be finding inspiration from the many BB Pros from around the world. The look that Michele posted highlighted makeup multitaskers. I chose it not only for the great ideas she gives for using your products in ways you may not have thought about but also because I really just loved the result on her. Take a look at the the pics below and you’ll see Michele’s inspirational look, me with a naked face (agghhhhh!!!). Hopefully you can really appreciate the difference the look makes on me personally, as well as the products I used.

First and foremost, I prepped my skin before applying anything. I used (surprise surprise) the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base & Eye Base (not shown in the products used).

From there, I tried to follow the steps as closely as I could using products I have. Again (because I think it’s worth repeating), I am NOT a trained makeup artist, far from it but let’s have some fun!


The inspiration look made no mention of setting powder which is something that I generally use, especially on my eyelids and around my nose. Since I was trying to replicate the look, I didn’t use it. On a personal note, I very rarely put any makeup on my lower lids so that felt weird to me. Also, I didn’t have the Natural Bronzer used in the inspiration look. As an alternate, I used the BB Simmer Brick that I do have. I think it actually gave me WAY more flexibility for eye makeup (*bonus*).

If you take a look at Michele’s post and compare to what I used you’ll see there are some other product differences (obviously she didn’t use the MAC lip pencil but it’s the closest to the colour she used that I have) but I think the look is “directionally similar” (sorry; corporate life flash back there). I’m always surprised that when I do my makeup I think I’m doing a heavy look but lo and behold, not so much. I could definitely have used a slightly heavier hand to get closer to the inspiration.

Let me know what you think… in the meantime, I’ll be on the hunt for next week’s look to try to emulate.

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