Apparently We’re Dating…

It would seem after 6 years together, 3½ of which John and I have lived together, our relationship status is… “dating”. Or so it is perceived to be by John’s 17-year-old son as described by him to us over dinner recently. We laughed because at its heart, it is funny. And because, what else are you to do? Blending families is a tricky thing as anyone who has ever done it will tell you and without a healthy sense of humour, it’s even more difficult. So we just looked at each other, shrugged and agreed, “apparently we’re dating.”

Navigating a ‘new’ relationship in your 50’s has unique challenges that are inherent with combining families and introducing new characters into what is already more than likely an interesting mix of individuals (aren’t all families?). With our shared brood of 5 children and 3 grandchildren, we have had no shortage of funny remarks, sideways glances and outright disappointment when it comes to our relationship but families wouldn’t be families without the occasional ‘drama’ right?

It all started…

John and I met after finding each other online (thanks We were mindful of when we introduced this new relationship to our ‘kids’ based on their individual ages; I had been single for over 12 years so my sons had a lot of time to get used the dynamic and they were, when John and I met, all adults while John’s kids on the other hand were both younger than any of my boys. There is only one member of our collective brood who lives with us and that’s on a part-time basis. John’s 17-year-old son alternates time with us and with his mother and her partner. It was during his last period at our house that “relationship status” came up. It opened the door to an honest conversation about commitment and the future and hopefully provided some additional security and comfort. Hopefully.

We did laugh though and now I’m looking to change my relationship status in Facebook to “Apparently We’re Dating”.

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