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In previous posts I’ve talked about my morning and evening skincare routines, definitely not what I would call budget beauty. Separately I’ve mentioned that I am currently unemployed. I’ve been “without work” for the past 7 months (wow, time flies). I am VERY fortunate in that I am in a position that allows me to spend this time on self-discovery as well as exploring options which is exactly what I’ve been doing. That stuff takes up a LOT of time it turns out.

Having said that though, I am cognizant of money out vs money in during this time. I’m not splurging on, well, anything anymore. Where I may have mindlessly made a spur-of-the-moment purchase of a top or jeans or something that I just LOVED before, I am acutely aware that given we’re in lockdown, I’m not working and I don’t go ANYWHERE really, those kinds of purchases really aren’t necessary right now.

But I do still maintain a morning and evening skincare routine. I mentioned in my posts detailing the products I use that I’m not “married” to many of them. Today, I am running critically short of 4 products all at once… aaaaggghhh! My oil cleanser, toner, morning eye cream and face oil are all running VERY low. First thing I did was check to see when Sephora usually has its spring 20% off everything sale. April. I definitely WON’T make it that far without having to replenish my supplies.

What to do? The exact same thing I did before buying any of the products I currently use; research. But this time, dig into the best products available in drug stores. I’m on the hunt for budget beauty finds!

I’ll keep you posted on what I find for each one, starting with my morning eye cream. I actually ran out of it this morning so the clock is ticking on finding something to replace it for tomorrow.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; these times are hard. Money is tight for a LOT of people and although I know I’m lucky to be nowhere near a desperate situation, a good dose of mindfulness never hurt anyone.

For anyone out there truly struggling, my heart is with you.

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