Budget Toner

I wrote recently about how I was running low on some of my key morning and evening skincare products. As I mentioned in this post, being currently unemployed it seems financially extravagant to just re-purchase my same-old-same-old “luxury” products no matter how much I may love them.

So here I am, taking the time to cast a more critical and money-conscious view of what I’m using every day. Of the items I’m running out of, this week I’ll be talking about my toner which I use in both my am and pm routines.

Budget Toner

Personally, I have been a relatively recent convert to using a toner in my daily routine. I didn’t see a need for it previously and I felt like it added just one more step in what I thought of as an already too long routine. Those days are gone. I now view every moment I spend in those few minutes at the start and end of my day as a time to stave off the impacts of time, enjoy some self care and be mindful. I now view toner as a fresh, invigorating way to finish the cleansing portion of my routine and prep my skin for the nutrients that are coming. If my toner can have additional benefits for my skin, brightening, plumping for example, all the better.

It’s worth noting that in my search, I limited my selections to toners that addressed my personal skincare needs, specifically, drying, aging and dullness. And I stayed far away from anything that was recommended for oily or combination skin; for me, that ship has sailed!

What I Was Using

I had been using and thoroughly enjoying the Caudelíe Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Essence, a toner/serum in one. Its commitment is to even and brighten your complexion as well refine skin texture all while hydrating. Big promises! I loved using this product; I can honestly say my skin felt better every time I used it… fresh, clean but not a hint of dryness that some toners can give. The soft peony scent didn’t hurt either.

As with my post on Budget Eye Cream, this toner is not inexpensive. At $67 CAD, it’s a splurge for sure. Especially since, unlike with eye cream, you really don’t use a different amount of toner depending on the brand… the application is essentially the same.

When it comes to save vs splurge, this one may be a hard one to justify the extra dollars.

Budget Toners I Looked At

As always, when looking for a replacement toner or any skincare product, I did my research. My search this time was for “best drug store toner for over 50”. And again, from there I focused on articles that reference reviews by dermatologists rather than just magazine journalists.

I didn’t find as extensive a collection to choose from as my previous search for eye creams but there were still quite a few. And once again, my research led me to two toners that appeared several times in the articles I read:

I’ll be honest, the Thayers showed up in every single review; far more than the Pixi. But never having heard of it, I didn’t think it was available in Canada; a common problem when looking online at what are most often, US based reviews. So, I went to my local Shopper’s Drug Mart not expecting to see it there at all. Well, wasn’t I surprised! Not only was Thayers there, there were FOUR different kinds of Thayers toner. Me being me, I didn’t want to goof this up and pick an astringent one instead of a more moisturizing one so I went with my original plan to grab a bottle of the Pixi Glow Tonic. I will most definitely be trying the Thayers sometime in the future though!


Other toners with multiple positive reviews and recommendations:

*Just a head’s up, after researching the Canadian Burt’s Bees website, I don’t believe they supply this exact toner up here. The link I’ve provided is for Burt’s Bees Rose Micellar Toning Water; what I hope is a good substitute.

The Comparison

As I mentioned previously, using one toner vs another, nothing is going to really change in the application. The method is the same for both; I use no more or no less of the Pixi vs the Caudelíe. Although I really loved the Caudelíe Vinoperfect Essence and its beautiful smell, the Pixi is also lovely. The Pixi does have a bit of witch hazel as does 2nd pick Thayers but other ingredients, namely aloe vera, eliminates any risk of a drying affect.

An added benefit of the Pixi is glycolic acid which, over time should help dissolve dead skin, leaving a brighter, more “glowy” complexion. Who doesn’t want that?

The Review – Pixi Glow Tonic

Once again, after using the bargain Pixi Glow Tonic for over a week now, I see no “deterioration” in my skin tone, texture or brightness. My skin feels fresh and hydrated after using it and my follow-up serums and moisturizers are absorbed just as beautifully. No ill effects. And the best part? After spending $67 on toner, the Pixi comes in at a budget-saving $38 CAD… a 40% savings!  WOW!

Two satisfied thumbs up!

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