Bald IS Beautiful But…

I hope you saw what I posted yesterday about my new haircare find. Clearly, I was SUPER excited to discover this Canadian made, woman lead brand and they have turned out not to disappoint. This isn’t another post about their product, however… It’s about an exchange between my partner, John and I that we had when the shipment arrived.

First, some background

I live with a bald man. My fondness for bald men started many years ago. I blame Ed Harris. It all really began with him in Apollo 13, I think. So incredibly handsome! I truly do believe that Bald is Beautiful. Anyway, I am lucky to live with the most amazing man and he happens to be bald.

When my package arrived from Everist, I was SO eager to open it up and take a look. I was thrilled with the whole concept of the product and aside from all the ecological benefits (lower carbon footprint, plant based, zero waste) it was a GREAT price! Anyone out there who has tried, often in vain, to find the perfect shampoo or conditioner or styling product to try to do something with hair that is less than cooperative, feels my pain.

“You won’t believe how much this stuff cost!” I said to John excitedly. This is the conversation that followed:

John: I dunno. Like 10 bucks each?

Me: No, seriously, guess how much

John: Seriously, 10 bucks each?





Me: When was the last time you bought shampoo?

John: 25 years ago

Me: *Silently exits the room in exasperation.

John: What?

So, I said he’s great, not perfect.

Then again, neither am I. It works out well

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