The telling of your stories is a revolutionary act

Sam Keen

What have I been writing about recently?

Dig Deep

After a few months of submitting to writing contests, the feedback is starting to come in, and one theme repeats. Dig deep!

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The City Speaks

Am I the only one who feels like a big city is a living, breathing entity and that city life, once experienced, never truly leaves your soul?

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What to do when both your mind and your computer screen are blank? For me, there is only one option. Hang in.

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If At First

In my absence, I’ve been re-learning the old adage; if at first you don’t succeed. It’s a lesson well worth the time.

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About Time

What is it about time that makes us experience it so differently? And why do some of us choose to keep reliving the not-so-good times?

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The Visitor

What happens when the visitor to your home is from a turbulent past? I have some thoughts. And a couple of suggestions on how to manage.

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