The telling of your stories is a revolutionary act

Sam Keen

What have I been writing about recently?


Learning that there are multiple kinds of writer’s block may just be the bit of information needed to get un-blocked.

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Saved from the Fire

Lessons I learned when I was saved from the fire. My recollections and a few bits of advice on how to manage crisis.

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What’s the line between determination and stubbornness? And how do you know when you’ve crossed it?

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A summer spent reading is a summer well-spent. My summer included lots of books from lots of genres, with a singular focus. To become a better writer.

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Right now, somewhere out there, the spectrum of human experience is happening. And right now, you are spending time with me. Thank you.

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The Coffee Shop*

Out of optimism, I’m sharing a piece I wrote in a dark time to let you know, even in the saddest coffee shop, you can find a glimmer of hope.

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