Somewhere out there
Somewhere out there

Have you ever thought that at any given moment, the entire spectrum of human emotion is taking place across this planet? Right now. It’s all happening and you are a part of that flow of energy that travels around the globe.


Someone is holding the hand of the person they love as they take their last breath. A child is crying because they skinned their knee.

A couple is falling in love. Someone is tasting something for the first time and loving it. And somewhere else, someone else is tasking something for the first time and hating it.

Someone is bored at work. Someone is quitting their job while someone else starts their first day. An old woman is dying alone. A young man is coming out to his parents. Couples are making love, and others are fighting. Someone is lost on a road they don’t know, and someone else is walking up to the door home.

And right now, you are reading this.

I notice it most in smaller venues. When you walk into a room and immediately get a feeling of malaise or comfort. When you meet someone for the first time and have a visceral reaction to them. But it’s impossible to ignore at a concert or in a hospital waiting room.

We are all so much more connected than we acknowledge day to day. And today, I am connected to you.

I am forever grateful.

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