If motivation could be measured in wattage, I’d have enough to power a flashlight. A very small flashlight. For about five seconds.

The ongoing challenge of self-motivation that we all face, has been an insurmountable one for me lately. And I’m sure it’s pretty obvious by my posts. Or lack thereof.

Maybe it’s the summer. Maybe it’s the heat. Or maybe it’s the summer heat frying what’s left of my creative energies into a flat, unseasoned egg left to overcook in the frypan of my mind. Whatever it is, I’m quite tired of it.

My usual habit of rising early to explore the newly awakened corners of my mind has been fruitless of late. I sit and ponder and look blankly at the laptop screen or hillsides or the weave of the cloth of my dress. It’s that bad. Trying to work at different times of day has proven futile as well.

I’m trying to jump-start my artistic energies by working on other projects and even then, ideas flow more slowly than the slugs in my garden.

Can I blame the full moon?

Maybe it’s a cosmic thing. It’s a full moon tonight; does that mean something? According to this site, during a full moon, I’m supposed to “open up to abundance and rewards of my [sic] past week’s work.”  What if I have no work from the past week? This doesn’t look good.

I remember fondly when the voices of my characters were waking me up in the night, telling me the stories they wanted me to transcribe for them. Oh, how I miss those days. Now I wake up and wonder if they’ve forgotten about me entirely.

I’m trying hard not to be discouraged. I tell myself they and all the other characters that once lived happily in my mind, will come back to me. I’m hoping soon. But if not, I’m sure they’ll arrive when I’m ready to tell their tales.

I promise to hang in; I hope you do too.

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  1. Feeling for you! Don’t chase it, but keep the routine. Write anything: lists, what you did yesterday, what you want to do with your grandkids, the weather…
    I should give myself advice. Xo

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