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The farther along I get in my journey as a self-professed writer, the more I can lose myself in the pursuit of writing. This only makes sense, I suppose. If a person becomes interested in a new activity, learns they love it, it’s only natural that they would find opportunities to spend time doing it, honing their skills if possible and just plain enjoying themselves as they go along. It quickly and naturally becomes one of their priorities.

From what I’ve read thus far from other folks travelling along a similar path to mine is that there are components of writing that are less appealing to some writers than others. Everyone is different but I’ve heard over and over that editing is an Achilles heel, or research or revisions. So far, I enjoy all of those things. Maybe because this is all still so new to me. Maybe.

But maybe not. Maybe this is what it’s like to finally do what you’ve been meant to do your whole life but have put off; to just now be free to do what you’ve always wanted. Either way, I’m enjoying my time enjoying writing; all the bits of it; learning and doing. That may change in time but for now, I’m loving it all.

Time spent on my cell phone? A fraction of what it used to be. I’m up earlier, so I can write. The note app on my phone is in constant use. I make and find the time to do what I love.

I mentioned a few days ago that I would share the contest link to my first-ever submission when it was available. Well, here it is. You’ll find my piece and have the opportunity to peruse hundreds of other short stories. I’ll remind you that the theme of this contest is Happily Ever After and submissions had to be under 1,500 words in length. Here is a brief excerpt from my short story, “After the Storm”.

With increasing urgency, message after message from my sister and cousins told me that my mother was in the hospital. Dying. The Multiple Sclerosis, that plagued her for years, caught up with her already weakened body. The doctors said she would not likely make it through the night. “Hurry!” my family urged. And, as it happens in the movies, time slowed and everything around me became distorted. The boys played happily with no intention of going to bed but I heard none of their laughter, only echoes of voices from the past and the sound of my own heart pounding. The loving home I stood in faded away and I was alone, in a dark place I had tried so hard to forget.

After the Storm, a short story by Sally O’Grady

If you have the time to read my full submission and feel so inclined, I would be most grateful if you would vote for “After the Storm” as Reader’s Choice for the contest.

I’m busy now reworking another submission for a different contest, this one a parsimonious 250 – 750 words. I shared the first draft here and am working on revisions for submission at the end of this month.

Between writing for contests, this blog, and for my book, this ‘hobby’ of mine is becoming a full-time gig. Now if only I could find time to dust.


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