Unscripted Events

The underlying ethos of writing on this page is that this life, especially at this stage of life, is often unscripted. We have our plans, of course; we make our arrangements for a well-ordered life. But the universe often has other plans for us; it guides us and gives us lessons which we can choose to learn from or accept to try again. It gives us unscripted events.

What is it they say about best laid plans?

I have been absent for a week or so because within my scripted life came some unscripted events. As they do with all of us. In the midst of celebrating two family birthdays, as best as possible given our ever-changing lockdown status, we had challenges. With the good, came the bad. Ying and yang.

“Worry is just wishing for what you don’t want”

I’ve taken this time to sink into all of the feelings that came with this week-long roller coaster of emotion. And I’ve paused to let a wave of gratitude drift over me while seeing the smiles of those I love. I’ve grieved and, in that grief, given thanks for the wonderful life I was lucky to be witness to. And I’ve faced fear and worry and made my best efforts to remind myself that worry is just wishing for what you don’t want. And then I redirect my thoughts to positive energy.

It’s all we can do sometimes. Acknowledge the negative thoughts that creep in and redirect them to give your mind, your spirit, your soul something good to focus on.

Right now, the sun is shining on the city I love and the birds are singing in the tree outside my window. They are bringing me joy and I am thankful.

Wishing you joy and peace as well, wherever you are. And with whatever the universe is giving you today.

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