A Shot in the Arm

Yesterday I got a shot in the arm; I received my first Covid vaccine.

It was an overwhelming experience for me. I had been on five wait lists at pharmacies close and not so close to my home. For those of you not living in Ontario, our vaccine rollout has been patchy, sad, ineffective at best. And I’m being kind.

But because I live in a high-risk area and am over 50yrs of age, I qualified to register directly for a spot.

When I arrived at the vaccine clinic in my local hospital, there was a line around the corner and I could see through the windows that there were at least 50 people inside. I figured I was in for a LONG wait but the process was efficient and quick.

What overwhelmed me was as I was greeted by the initial screener, the registering nurse, the person “directing traffic” and eventually the nurse who administered my vaccine, I was asked the natural, generic question we all ask a hundred times a day; “how are you”. Each time I answered the same; grateful.

Grateful for My Shot in the Arm

I was grateful; I am grateful. And each time I said it and I looked around at the people around me who were patiently waiting their injection of hope, I became more emotional. I thought of all of the family members who would have given up their spot in line if only their loved one, who they lost, who they are grieving, could only have been so fortunate as I was on this day. So many lives lost. So many lives changed forever.

By the time I sat down with my nurse, and she asked again, “how are you” I said again, grateful. And I cried. And I thanked her for her dedication and caring.

What a day. My heart is so thankful and heavy at the same time. That is where we are. Today, I’m a little sore from my shot in the arm; a reminder of my privilege and of the hope I can build on.

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