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Every once in a while, you trip upon a product that changes your outlook on how you perform day-to-day functions. I found one of those products recently and wanted to tell you about it. Welcome to my first shampoo review!

A few weeks back, I read an article in Fashion Magazine about a new Toronto-based haircare company. The article caught my attention because, not only is Everist a Canadian-based, woman-lead company but it is Zero Waste. Check, check, check! I did a bit more research and the story just got better and better.

Shampoo Review

A shampoo review…

Their products are plant based. You know all those nasty ingredients in cosmetics that we’ve been told to stay away from? None in here! Everything is packaged in zero waste, fully recyclable aluminum. As you finish the product you pop the container into recycling and save the caps to return to Everist, postage paid! Say goodbye to single use plastic.

The products are shampoo and conditioner paste, a waterless solution that eliminates the cost and environmental impact of packaging and shipping watered-down product.  One 100ml tube of the shampoo or conditioner replaces a 300ml bottle of the same product. That’s a HUGE impact! And yes, I said tube. The shampoo and conditioner come in a tube slightly larger than your standard tube of toothpaste.

How much more could you possibly want in your shampoo/conditioner combo?!

Results. Oh yes, that! Stay tuned…

I had to try this stuff. So, I waited to use up my current stuff and placed my order. They were backordered, which gives you an idea of the demand for this type of product. But my tubes arrived within a week and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

I should let you know that my hair is lazy. Flat. It takes a LOT for my hair to show any inkling of body or movement. It’s the tresses equivalent of a couch potato. So, I am VERY mindful of the product I use on it. Will it get weighed down (heaven forbid)? Will it become dull. Er. Duller. All this exasperated now that I no longer colour my hair, not to mention haven’t had it cut since forever.

What about those results?

I’ve used them once now and can I just say, so far, WOW! Yes, it’s weird at first. It doesn’t seem that the little inch-long squeeze of paste will be enough to lather and clean a head of hair but it DOES. Beautifully! The smell is light and lovely, coconut and peppermint. A nice pick-me-up. It lathers to a rich foam and rinses off squeaky clean. The conditioner was equally nice. It felt to me to be a much lighter formulation than I’m used to and it also rinsed off very well.

So far, so good.

I let my hair dry naturally (which I usually do now) and used the same post-wash products that I normally do. Just a little air dry styling product. I wanted to make it a like-to-like comparison as to how my hair seems once it has dried. Now again, it’s just one shampoo but my hair is SUPER soft. Noticeably softer. It has a nice shine and it’s neither weighed down nor dried out on the ends. Check, check, check. Again!

As far as I’m concerned, Everist is a two enthusiastic thumbs-up haircare score! Highly recommend!

Feel good about your hair again. And feel GREAT about your environmental footprint.

3 responses to “Shampoo Review – Everist”

  1. Love the concept and the scent was pleasant. I found the shampoo really hard to get out of the tube. The conditioner was easier. I had to use 3 times as much as recommended to get anywhere near the lather I am use to. The conditioner was absorbed so quickly and it didn’t really feel right.
    Had high hopes and will use the turnkeys for my toothpaste but I will not purchase again.

    • Hi MIchelle; so sorry for not responding earlier! I agree the product (especially shampoo) is hard to get out of the tube. I found if I kept the cap on, squeezed first and THEN took off the cap, it was much easier.

      What I did find after using a full tube of each was that my roots definitely became oily faster; probably due to the more natural ingredients (and a formula that is for all hair types). I intersperse the Everist now with other products and am happy with my results.

      Thanks for reading & taking the time to write!

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