Spring Forward

Welcome to spring forward! We lost an hour of sleep last night as we moved into PDT (Pacific Daylight Time for those not in the western time zones). BC still changes the clocks for daylight savings time despite having passed a law three years ago to officially end the practice. The trick is apparently until surrounding US States (hello out there if I have readers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana) also do the same, it’s just too much trouble.

It doesn’t bother me. It’s not that I’m a big proponent of the seasonal time changes, it’s just that the semi-annual events each have small reasons to look forward to them.

The autumnal change is easy, who doesn’t want an extra hour of sleep? Yes please! Of course, it comes with a pretty hefty downside too. I found out last year, to my chagrin that this change of time results in the sun setting in our neck of the woods at 3:30 in the afternoon in the depths of winter. I can assure you this is not much fun. The only possible upside is it’s easier to convince yourself it’s cocktail hour.

But the spring change also has cause for celebration, in my mind. It’s a great excuse to break out all the spring clothes, lighter jackets, brighter colours. Admittedly, I’ve always been one to start sporting the next season’s garb at the first hint of a seasonal switch. Often to regret it later. My friends have seen me on many occasions showing up at a fall event, decked out in some wonderful, chunky knit and thigh-high boots despite the double-digit temperatures. Conversely, I have also attended more than one springtime dinner wearing little more than a shift dress and wrap, knees knocking the whole time from the chill in the air.

I can’t help myself.

This switch has always been one of my first indicators that it’s time to lighten up. Spring is in the air and the glorious stretch of sunshine later in the day is your confirmation. It will take a significant snow event for me to pull my winter coat back out after today, I’m just saying.

I am well aware of the negative health implications of the time change. Studies have shown an increase in car accidents, stroke and heart attacks. And truthfully, I’m not deeply committed to keeping the change. I’m fine either way. I just think if we’re going to do it, let’s make the most of it!

Maybe I’ll use the extra hour of daylight today to rearrange my closet and bring the spring clothes out.

Who am I kidding? I’ll watch another one of the movies nominated for the Oscars and call it a day. But I’ll do it in shorts.

And probably a sweatshirt.

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