As I often do, I spent some time this weekend on some more extended self-care. I enjoyed a home facial using some of the products I have accumulated in my ongoing efforts to turn back the ever forward ticking hands of time.

I know for me, as I’ve aged, no amount of hydration is too much… my skin soaks it up and in fact it even tells me when I haven’t been drinking enough water. One of my go-to products has always been a body scrub in the shower and to my dismay I ran out of my fav this week. Online I went to place a re-order; now maybe it’s because I’m “between jobs / trying to venture out in my own initiatives” or maybe it’s because I’m just paying more attention to my own consumerism but I did a hard double-take on the price of this stuff. Holy expensive batman.

New window in my browser… Google, how do I make my own body scrub? A little research later and here we are. There are LOTS of resources giving LOTS of advice on this but from what I could quickly glean you can use a multitude of oils (I used olive oil for its intense hydration properties), sugars (I used basic old brown sugar; great exfoliation) and aromatics (I used a bit of lemon and Saje’s Energy essential oils for brightness in the morning). Some recipes suggested honey, others did not but I included it because it has brightening properties.

No, it’s not sticky. Yes, it smells wonderful. Yes, it’s SUPER hydrating! No, I don’t feel like an oil slick. My body and my bank account are impressed!

Now, realistically I think I know myself well enough to know that I’m not going to abandon ALL  of my beauty products but saving a bit here and there is definitely a good thing. Have you made your own body/face products? How did that go? I’d love to hear.

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