One Year

Today marks the sad & notable anniversary of the first case of Covid-19 found here in Canada. One year. One whole year.

Everything has changed in that year.

Government, specifically in the US has taken a sharp turn left but time will tell whether the new administration will be successful in righting the wrongs of the last 4 years & two and a half centuries.

And then there’s Covid. The human impact is immeasurable. Conspiracy theories aside, you cannot deny the long-range impact this pandemic will have on society; hopefully some good but so much sorrowful damage has been done. At the time I’m writing this on Monday morning, January 25, 2021 the number of Covid cases globally stands at 99.3M, with the death toll at 2.13M. Two million lost souls, countless millions of people left without their mother, father, son, daughter, partner, best friend. Here in Canada we have had 747,000 cases with 19,094 deaths. Say what you will, believe what you want, the impact is devastating.

What a year

Personally, in this year I’ve moved & lost my job; I’m now facing the harsh reality of the perceived relevance of a working woman. In her 50’s. During my working life I’ve overcome dismissive bosses, men who have repeatedly & consistently talked over me, men who presumed me to be an “assistant” not the “boss” that I was. I’ve been promoted but not compensated for the additional work. I’ve been promoted & then promptly demoted so a man could be put into my job while being told “I should have seen it coming”. But all that was a cakewalk compared to fighting to establish my worth in a sea of newly unemployed, talented individuals most of whom are young enough to be my offspring. It’s not pleasant but I know I am one of the lucky ones. I’m here. I haven’t lost anyone close to me. I’m financially stable. And I am thankful. A life unscripted indeed.

I’m here, working at creating a conversation, reminding the world & sometimes myself, that a woman in her 50’s has a LOT to offer. So let’s go.

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