Poking Fun

I got poked* today.

After much waiting (story to follow), I finally received my Covid booster vaccine. It’s been a bit of a marathon since getting my second shot way back on June 24, 2021!!

Just poking fun…

Why so long between shots, you may be asking. Was it because I was nervous or questioning the efficacy of the boosters? No.

Perhaps it was because I was too busy packing, moving, unpacking, decorating and missing Toronto? Also, no.

Had I been swayed by the arguments of the truck convoys clogging our vehicular arteries, taking our largest cities hostage, jumping in bouncy castles and making a mockery of people who are in reality, actively fighting for their freedom?

F*&< no.

It is because it has taken me this long, seven months to get any form of BC identification. SEVEN MONTHS. Women have gestated and given birth to healthy babies in less time. And to be fair, this whole process was about as much fun as hard labour anyway so, it makes sense.

It all started way back in August, less than a week after we arrived in our new hometown. John and I dutifully went to a ICBC office to apply for our driver’s licenses. In BC there is only one insurance provider and it is through their offices that you apply for, are tested for and renew your driver’s license. On my first visit all those months ago, I was informed that I couldn’t apply because my two forms of ID (my Ontario driver’s license and my passport) showed different names. My middle initial appeared on one and not the other. One letter. One letter triggered a chain of events that would involve three letters (of the ‘snail mail’ variety), eight phone calls and a fax (yes, I said fax) in an effort to obtain a birth certificate that detailed my full name.

It seems provincial bureaucracy loves a joke, as I described in my post Shared Absurdity.

Anyway, I digress from the point of this story. Until getting some form of BC identification, I was unable to receive my booster shot. I tried to sneak a poke in** while in Toronto in December but boosters were harder to come by than Stanley Cup Trophies so no luck there.

So, I waited. And waited. Until, blessed days, my driver’s license arrived last week, prompting an immediate effort to secure a booster appointment. And lucky me, today was the day.

I thought I’d make a day of it; John and I went for lunch first and I have big plans involving a cheese tray and some wine for later. I know how to live it up!

Until then, I will write (check) and think of ways to flaunt my newly boosted status.

*Get your head out of the gutter.

**Seriously, you are RUDE.

But seriously…

Get your shot! And take care!

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