Bright and Shiny

After much trial and error, extensive frustration and more than a few swear words, I’m excited to finally show you my new format.

There are couple of new pages and some have gone by the wayside (only temporarily).

This new theme and website structure is designed to reflect my new focus and thereby the new focus of Act 3 Unscripted. It is still about life after 50; that’s what I know. What’s new is it’s now focused on writing.

The best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others

Oprah Winfrey

I mentioned in my post So You Want to be a Writer? that I’ve always loved writing and that the best way to become a writer is, obviously, to write.

And so I will write and this website is where you’ll find my writing. I’ll do my best to post daily because… that’s when life happens. But if I miss a day, just know I’ll be back before too long.

So what’s new?

This new theme has two new pages that I hope will help you focus on what you’d like to read. You can click on Looking for a Quick Read to view my posts that are short reads. The topics can vary; happy or sad or anywhere in between. Under I’ve Got Some Time you’ll find my longer essays. Again, topics will vary but nothing will take you longer than about five minutes to read; great content to make your commute seem a bit faster.

All of my older posts that are focused more on beauty, fashion or makeup are still here. You’ll find them in the still-under-construction Archive page. Coming soon!

I hope you like the new format as much as I’ve enjoyed conceptualizing it for you. I’ll be back tomorrow with more thoughts on this life unscripted.

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