New Do

For me, there are few things as invigorating as a new do. If you look back at pictures of me from elementary school forward, you’ll see I just don’t keep the same hairstyle for very long. Whether I’m changing the colour, going shorter, growing it out, adding bangs, going blunt or choppy, the only constant in life and my hair, is change.

So this past year and a half of life without access to our beloved salons has been no fun! As my hair became progressively longer and longer, I became more and more frustrated with it. I am not one of those lucky people blessed with thick, gorgeous locks. No, siree… my hair can best be described as fine, flat, lazy and uncooperative. Long is not a good look for it (or me). And don’t get me started on what does a person do with all that hair? Where does it go when your sleeping? I’ll tell you; it tries to strangle you! I couldn’t wait to get rid of this nuisance and enjoy a new do!

Once the province announced again, after a false start a few months back, that personal services were opening back up, boy did I jump! And lucky me, I snagged an appointment on the FIRST day back at my salon, Untitled by Flaunt.

I could feel my old self come back with every snip of Karla’s shears. And it was almost magical.

So here is the before and after. I am SO grateful to feel more like myself, to enjoy the pleasure of a morning at a salon that cares so warmly for their clients and to have hair that I KNOW what to do with.

The sass is back!

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