Big News

I had mentioned in my post on July 1st that I had big news. Do I ever!

As I continue along life’s unscripted path, I find myself taking a sharp left turn. Way left. Like, straight across the country left. My partner and I have purchased a home in British Columbia, Kelowna area to be precise, and will be moving there at the end of this month!

Needless to say, this is the biggest move of my lifetime, and I am naturally filled with all kinds of emotions. I can’t wait to begin a life where I wake up every day and look out onto the beautiful vista of a lake and mountains while I drink my morning coffee. But I’m also already tearful when I think of missing my friends and family who are all so close by.

Following my own advice…

When my boys were little, I always told them that the world was theirs to discover and that they should take every opportunity presented to them to explore it. Their Dad and I would always be there for them, no matter where they planted roots. Love, knowing no boundaries, can travel across the greatest distance.

And I have always done my best to model the best of who I want my boys to be. I’ve not always succeeded; in fact, there were times I fell sadly short. But I would be hypocritical if I didn’t jump at the opportunity presented and explore this life, this country, this gift to its fullest extent.

So off we will go, leaving this home we have loved so much in this city where I was born and spent decades moving slowly back towards. I’ll be sharing our journey, the good, the bad and the frustrating and I’d LOVE to hear your stories of change, moving, pickup up stakes.

Let the adventure begin!

The law of love knows no bounds of space or time.

Mahatma Gandhi

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