Three Things

There are three elements of self-care in this photo; three things I’m doing just for me.

  1. I am taking a walk. Studies show that movement is GREAT at fighting depression and one of the best tools in your mental health arsenal.
  2. I am taking in some sunshine. Especially here in the Great White North, the lack of sunshine and its much-needed Vitamin D benefit impacts serotonin levels and therefor mood. Just 15 minutes of sunshine can dramatically impact your mood and lift your spirits.
  3. I have picked up some special treats to enjoy later. Self-care for ME includes Pastel de Nata.

It’s worth taking some time each day for yourself. Check in. Think of some little things you can do that won’t demand too much of your energy, whether it’s physical or emotional. We’re low on both it feels these days.

Maybe it’s take a few minutes to write down your thoughts. Get them out of your head and onto paper (or a computer screen… you do you). It’s amazing how freeing it is to get them out. Have a bath. Meditate. Make your favourite meal. Anything. Something.

Three things. That’s not too much to ask of yourself, especially when you’re doing it for yourself. These days are hard. Take care.

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