Today is Sunday and as I was taught when I was a young girl growing up in Woodstock, it is a day of rest.

But today, like everyone I know, I’m busy. Today, I’m ‘puttering’. For me, puttering is my all-inclusive word that encapsulates a world of ‘stuff’. Dusting, laundry, watering the plants; they’re puttering. Reading a magazine, planning dinner, watching the deer out back; also puttering. Weeding the garden, filling the birdfeeders, tidying the pantry; puttering.

I find puttering to be a most useful word. Its vagueness invites awe and wonder when, lo and behold, a lot of stuff gets done in a day. Then again, it also sets up a lower bar of expectation for me to step over on days that I’m just not feeling it. Versatile and elusive. My favourite.

Today I’m adding a new endeavour into my ever-expanding list of puttering activities. Updating my website theme.

When I launched Act 3 Unscripted back in January last year, I had what was at the time, a clear vision of what I wanted the website to be… a lifestyle blog exploring the eccentricities and adventures of life in our third act. Children if you have them are grown, careers are wrapping up and life is changing into what it will be in the last decades of our time on earth. I figured it would include fashion, makeup, cooking, home decorating and the odd exploration of what it feels like at this stage of life.

I’m thinking of it very differently now though and I think the theme, the outward appearance of the website should reflect that. So, I’m changing things up.

More puttering

Having said that, I’m not a pro at any of this. Before January 22, 2021, I had no idea what SEO was let alone whether or not I needed a strategy to enhance it. I had never done any coding and the most I’d ever done to enhance a user’s online experience was tweaking CRM dashboards.

I could go into what a CRM dashboard is but I’m trying to gain readership, not drive them away.

So, I anticipate the website will be down for a day or two coming up this week when I make the switch. I’ll make this as quick as possible but at this point, I’m not confident enough to make timeline guarantees. Just know I’ll be in the background feverishly puttering to get this back up again.

Feverishly puttering

‘Feverishly puttering’. There’s an oxymoron I didn’t know I needed.

Anyway, stay tuned. Puttering update to come. Until then, enjoy your day of rest as I will mine.

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Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

Canada – Ukraine Foundation

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