One Man

This beautiful world of our is, despite her outward strength, a very delicately balanced vessel.

Collectively as human beings we have continuously and increasingly tested her limits both climatologically as well as biologically.

Yesterday the world woke up to the reality of another war in Europe. After weeks of build up and months of threats, Vladimir Putin invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine.

One Man.

This is not the action of a country. The people of Russia showed in no uncertain terms yesterday that they do not support this aggression and they did so at known, real risk to their safety and liberty. Theirs is bravery that can change the course of history.

This war is at the direction of One Man. Of course, he is surrounded by others who whether because they are fearful or because they agree, enable this hostility but the source is One Man.

One Man.

The rest of the global community immediately spoke out against these actions, sanctions are in place and being escalated while we wait to see what will happen next. I sit here in the comfort of my home, reading story after story, firsthand accounts of people fleeing from Ukraine. Walking. Walking to Poland. Women, children. Men over 18 years of age are being conscripted into the Ukraine army on the spot. Can you imagine it?

All of these horrors the result of One Man.

Another man, John Lennon had an arguably equally broad impact on the world. His message of peace is one that has echoed long after his death. He, too is One Man. He is the One Man I will think of as I do what I can in these days of turmoil.

I took the picture above in Strawberry Fields in Central Park, New York and I refer to it often in times of strife or conflict. I refer to it too often these days but it always gives me hope. If One Man can have that much of a positive impact on the world, so can I. So can we all.

Our job now is to focus on what we can do to make things better. Think globally, act locally. It’s a slogan that originated in the 70’s but the significance never seems to wain, at least not for me. I will do whatever I can. You can do the same. Together, we make a difference.

It is easy to feel helpless at times like these; we are comfortable living our lives a half world away from this strife but there are things we can do.

  • Read, listen and learn about the conflict and the struggles of the Ukraine people.
  • Volunteer in your community if/when Ukrainian refugees arrive; welcome them and support their integration.
  • Ukrainians have put together a list of organizations you can donate to
  • The Globe & Mail also has an excellent list, including some Canadian organizations working to support Ukraine refugees.
  • Support and share journalism from trusted news sources; remember Putin has successfully infiltrated social media for years with fake news stories aimed at spreading disinformation and discourse.
  • Protect your mobile devices; again, Putin’s intelligence agencies are skilled at cyber warfare. Keep your operating system and security up to date.

Want to help Ukraine with a charitable donation? There are lots of organizations to consider; here is just a couple. Please do what you can.

Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

Canada – Ukraine Foundation

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