National Day of ???

National Day of ???

When I’m stuck for something to write about, I have several sources for ideas. I’ll scroll through the pictures on my phone and often find inspiration there. I’ll check out my standard writing groups to see if there are ideas or prompts floating around. But one of my favourite sources is the National Today website which provides a handy list of all the National Days of Insert-the-Obscure-Recognition-Here for the entire year.

For example, April 23rd is the:

  • National Email Day
  • National Lovers Day (sweet but what if you’re happily single?)
  • National Record Store Day (good luck finding one of those!)
  • National Cherry Cheesecake Day
  • National Lost Dog Awareness Day (is this for dogs that are lost and trying to find their way home or dogs who have passed? Because if it’s those dogs, I’d like to say, we still miss Katie)
  • National Picnic Day (seems early to me)
  • National Take a Chance Day (I like this one)
  • National Talk Like Shakespeare Day (I am vexed by this one)
  • World Book Day (ok, this one I can get behind)

And although all are interesting on some level or another, I’m not really inspired to write about any of them. I guess I could write about the books that have impacted me most or that I’ve loved but I’m not a book critic and I feel everyone has their own loves when it comes to books so I’ll just trust that you’ll be appreciating yours today. But looking at this list of days got me thinking on another tangent entirely. If there were a day dedicated to me (and why wouldn’t there be?) what would that day be a celebration of?

National Day for me…

Would it be National Sing Loudly Off-Key Day? Although John is remarkably tolerant that I randomly, unpredictably break into loud, tone-deaf singing to whatever song is currently inspiring me (usually one where the lead singer is really belting it out like Total Eclipse of the Heart, a true classic!) I’m not so sure he would recommend we make this a National Day to be celebrated.

Having said that, I’m a blast a karaoke!

Maybe it would be National Forget Everything Day. Problem is, no one would ever remember to celebrate it, least of all me. I know memory declines as you age and certainly, increased memory loss is linked to menopause but this is getting ridiculous.

I’d take National Drink Wine Day or National Have a Martini Day but those are both already spoken for. February 18th and June 19th respectively. But don’t fret; you missed National Drink Wine Day but National Wine Day is coming up on May 25th because don’t you agree wine deserves two days? You’re welcome.

I have an idea

So, what should my new National Day be? Well, let me tell you. Logically it would be on my birthday, to celebrate, well, me and with my birthday being just a bit before Christmas, I’d suggest the day to celebrate me should be, National Buy Yourself A Gift Day. It’s in the middle of the holiday season. You’re run ragged buying gifts for everyone else, decorating, going to holiday parties, preparing special meals. You deserve a gift. Now, I know we’re months away from this new, special day but since it is a day named for me, I’ll practice in advance on your behalf.

Again, you’re welcome.

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