Grump is a Five Letter Word

Question of the day… Is Wordle divisive? I realize this topic is bit of a departure from past posts but it is the topic of the moment in our household.

My partner and I are relative newcomers to this game whereas my stepson has been playing for quite some time. Since starting, we began to share our Wordle scores daily in a group chat that also includes my stepdaughter who just started playing today. Suffice to say, chaos ensued.

Is it just me?

Is it all Wordle related? No. Is it annoying non-the-less? Yes. Why, you may be asking… Is it because one of us is wildly better at Wordle than the rest of us? No. Is it because we can’t agree on strategy or think someone among us is cheating the system somehow? No. It’s because of the responses to the daily Wordle updates that, for my partner and I, involve a single post where we share our results. What happens next is a flurry of single-sentence and often single-word texts one after another after another after another. It reminds me of when my sons were very young and would ask if they could have a can of pop or some other thing that they shouldn’t be having right before dinner.

Son: Can I have a Pop?

Me: No

Son: How about now? … What about now? … How about now? … NOW?

Seem familiar?

Clearly, this disparity in communication styles is a generational thing; to be inclined to say everything you want to say in one piece of communication is most definitely an ‘old folks’ notion right up there with using accurate spelling and punctuation. ‘Ok Boomer’ indeed. In contrast…

Others prefer

Each sub-thought

To be shared




Grump is a five letter word

I am the living embodiment of my face-palm emoji. Then again, maybe it’s not a Wordle thing or a generational divide thing. Maybe it’s a me thing. Maybe this is just that one thing which at month 24 of a global pandemic where it feels there is really no escape other than TV, books and our cell phones, this is that one thing that pushes me over the edge into Cranky Town. Population: Me.

Oh well; I will play Wordle again tomorrow and I will share my results with the group. And then I’ll silence my notifications for a couple of hours.

By the way, Wordle in 3.

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