Good Morning Spring

This morning as I wafted dreamily between sleep and awakening, I peeked out of one eye to check the lightness of the day. I’m lucky to be able to let the daylight tell me when to get up and most days I don’t use any kind of alarm. For me, this is a pretty big luxury given it wasn’t all that long ago that I was dependent upon my 5:30am alarm to jar me out of my sleep and get my day started.

Today as I snuck a glance from under the covers, the waning moon greeted me. And although it was around the time I would normally get up, I smiled, snapped a pic to share with you and rolled over.

But not for too long. I’ve noticed lately the birds are calling on us earlier in the day. They seem as excited as any of us for the start of spring, the rising temperatures and greening of everything. And listening to their happy twittering, it seems the ultimate act of FOMO to stay in bed, missing out on whatever is bringing them such joy.

So up I got and plodded into the kitchen. As I sat down to write this morning, I quickly realized that this being March 20th it is also the spring equinox. After consulting my friend Google, I learned that I am writing this the moment of the vernal equinox. I started writing in winter and will finish in spring.

Good morning, spring

And just like that, we’ve passed successfully into a new season. It’s just a moment in time, gone in an instant. But it symbolizes so much.

It feels the weight of wintertime that is so welcomed on the shorter days when all you want is a cocoon of warmth, is now cumbersome. Shedding the blanket of winter opens the mind, lets in the light and frees our spirits to just be glad.

No wonder the birds are so happy. I’m happy too.

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  1. « Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where the birdies is? ». I’m fairly certain that my dad used to say that.
    Stan and I were talking about your magpies. We believe that you can train them. They like shiny things. I’d like to request a post about magpies, please. Xo

    • So funny, I know my dad said that too. A magpie is hanging out with me as I write this… that is to say, he is at the feeder just outside while I sit here at my desk. Magpie post in the works!

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